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Apple Tree House


Ceny już od 13600 do 214,00
  • Elementy: 539
  • Rok produkcji: 2010
  • Grupa wiekowa: od 7 do 12

Build a 3-in-1 classic family house!

This modern country home with an apple tree outside is full of fun and realistic details, including a working mail box with letters inside, a satellite dish on the roof, a basketball net and lawnmower, opening front and garage doors, a ladder up to the attic and more! Includes 3-in-1 instructions for rebuilding into a tall townhouse or a relaxing summer home. Mail box, lawnmower, outdoor light, water tap in the garden and much more! Lift the roof and play inside! 3 models in 1! Rebuild into a tall townhouse or summer home!

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