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Ceny już od 3500 do 52,20
  • Elementy: 55
  • Rok produkcji: 2012
  • Grupa wiekowa: od 7 do 14

Bring the villains to justice with BREEZ’s rocket boots and energy saber!

BREEZ, we hope you can hear us! The Hero Factory has been breached and the villains are escaping in all directions! With powerful rocket boots, double-bladed saber, plasma shooter and a hex energy shield you’re our hero in the skies, so let’s cuff those villains and teach them that the good guys always win!

Features hero cuffs, rocket boots, double-bladed saber, plasma shooter and energy shieldFire the plasma shooter!Includes decorated chest pieceHighly flexible and poseable elementsAlso includes unique code worth 300 game points for LEGO Hero Factory BREAKOUT gameBattle with the flying villain 6228 THORNRAXX!Combine with 6228 THORNRAXX for an even bigger model!Stands over 7” (19cm) tall

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