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Ceny już od 3090 do 43,04
  • Elementy: 43
  • Rok produkcji: 2013
  • Grupa wiekowa: od 6 do 12

Cut the evil brains down to size with ROCKA!

Head for the LEGO® Hero Factory briefing room immediately, ROCKA! The evil brains are rampaging through the galaxy and must be defeated. This is one tough mission, so you have been equipped with LEGO Hero Factory Recon Team weapons: a plasma blade sword, a 360-degree spinning razor shield, armored visor and hero core locking clamps. With equipment like this, you're ready for anything those evil brains can throw at you!

Features plasma blade sword, spinning 360-degree razor shield, armored visor and hero core locking clampsIncludes highly durable and poseable design with gold and translucent green elementsBattle with the Recon Team's plasma blade sword!Spin the 360-degree razor shield!Lock the clamps and protect the hero core!Battle with 44003 SCAROX!Combine with 44003 SCAROX using building instructions available at LEGO.com/herofactoryAlso includes unique code worth 400 game points for LEGO® Hero Factory Brain Attack mobile app and online game at www.LEGO.com/herofactoryStands over 7" (18cm) tall

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